Hand Crafted Artisanal Handbags Individually Made.

Our natural fibers may be coarser in size than synthetics, but they are no less soft, thus our name Coarse Cloth.



Our Manual, Dubied Knitting Machine

The Dubied Company out of Switzerland produced some of the finest manual operation industrial machines used in the textile industry. The company finally closed its doors in1988.


Our Fine Merino Yarns

We source our yarns from the renowned Italian mill Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia known for their high quality, environmental consciousness and concern for animal welfare. 


Our Design Process

Collections explore the uniqueness created by crafting each handbag individually and combining hand-stitching and machine sewing to further enhance this quality.


Knitting & Crocheting the Panels

Each handbag is individually knitted and crocheted prior to felting, creating a seamless body.



Felting is a labor intensive process. A wooden form maintains the bag’s shape while it dries. the surface is finished using lanolin.

Explore this handcrafted process in action.