The Loki

The Loki is inspired by the Bohemian fashion trend from the 1960s and beyond: unique, dramatic, and intensively handmade down to its swingy twist tassels. The Loki body is made from thickly felted merino wool yarn knitted on our antique, manual Dubied knitting machine and crocheted to create a seamless outer body before felting. Hidden within the bottom is a semi-flexible insert made from recycled, veg tanned leather and latex. The bottom is finished with 5 brushed nickel feet that are lacquer finished for durability. The GOTS certified organic, light gray, canvas lining is a rich blend of linen and cotton and has a 7-inch zipper pocket and a detachable, canvas key fob. Additional design features include a handwoven strap made by Boulder County's cardweaving master, Nancy Mason. Strap yarns are soft and strong Persian wool, finished at each end with eleven, 8-inch, twist tassels. A sterling silver logo charm is sewn onto the front.