Our Process

  We import our fine, merino wool yarn from the renowned Italian mill Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia. 
All Knitting is done on antique, manual machines.

Our patterns knit beautifully on our antique Dubied machine.

Looser knitting makes for better felting.

All edges are finished with crochet before the bags are felted. This creates a bag without seams.

Bags dry on wooden forms.

At this point they have a fuzzy halo.

Loose fibers are removed by mechanical actions including brushing, trimming and shaving.

Bags are treated with lanolin and set upside down to dry. The lanolin treatment moisturizes the fibers and fills in any lanolin that may have been removed during the wool processing to this point.
Lanolin is a natural part of wool fibers that gives wool it’s resistance to water and stains.
It helps wool shed dirt.
Wool is also naturally flame retardant.
All wonderful traits of wool.

Pattern pieces for linings are individually cut out by hand reducing fabric waste.

Linings use a combination of hand stitching and professional machine stitching.

A bespoke handbag is nearing completion.
Choose a zipper top or hidden magnetic closure and a removable key fob.
Custom lacquer finished hardware and vegetable tanned leather straps complete the process.

Thank you for your interest!


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