About Our Designer

Hello! My name is Joan Doll and I'm the felt and handbag designer for Coarse Cloth Ltd. I work with other very talented craftspeople in the creation of the different elements that make up our handbags. One handbag can easily take more than a week to complete from start to finish. Please visit the About Our Process page to see what actually goes into making the body of the felted bags.

My background and education are in the fine arts and textile design. I was an apparel print designer for Anthropologie and a jacquard designer for residential and contract fabrics for Craftex Mills, both in Pennsylvania. My success in the fine arts include paintings chosen for notable corporate collections. Later I graduated from Philadelphia University (formerly Philadelphia College of Textiles) in 2006.

During my time with Craftex Mills as a jacquard designer, I was fortunate to have designed for their tapestry looms, creating fabrics of great complexity and depth. Designers at Craftex Mills conducted seasonal trend research culminating in collaborative concept meetings including colorway selections. Our fabrics were highly regarded in the industry because of their art and craftsmanship. Pictured below is a fabric I designed that was used to make this table runner. It was featured in a newsletter from Calico Corners. Please visit the Bespoke page to view images of other of my Craftex Mills fabrics.

As a print designer for Anthropologie I worked in their women’s apparel division. I developed print designs from artwork I created and also reworked archival designs into repeats for their printed fabrics.

I continue to make art using acrylics, watercolors and mixed media collage that bring uniqueness to my textile designs. I also use the Adobe Design Suite to enhance my designs digitally. After moving to Boulder County in 2015, I began working to create a line of knitted, felted handbags for my new company, Coarse Cloth Ltd.

While an undergraduate at Philadelphia University, I was most interested in printed surface design, but I also studied the fundamentals of knit design and commercial weaving. All have been helpful to my design process. My husband, Nick, is my multitalented, creative partner. We both welcome you to our website and hope to see you at our next show.