Coarse Cloth Ltd

Handmade in Colorado


Coarse Cloth Ltd designs and manufacturers individually felted, super-soft, merino wool handbags, natural fiber woven bags and natural fiber jewelry in Boulder County, Colorado. Founded in 2015, Coarse Cloth began making quality fashion accessories friendlier to both the wearer and to the environment. In comparison with synthetic microfibers, natural fibers are coarser in size but no less soft — thus the name Coarse Cloth.

Coarse Cloth Ltd takes pride in every one of our products. Our designs are uniquely ours. Our hands touch every item that you see on these pages. We source the yarn, fabric and all other materials, cut out the individual pattern pieces by hand and make our bags here in Colorado. We work with local craftspeople so almost every aspect of what we sell is local to our production in Boulder County. 

Our felted products contain no toxins and their manufacture has minimal negative impact on the environment.

We source our luxuriously soft, merino wool yarn from the renowned Italian mill Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia. It is loosely knitted into shapes using only an antique, manual knitting machine. Edges are hand-crocheted to produce a seamless body when felted. Felting creates a stable, soft and thick fabric. Linings are made from GOTS-certified, organic fabric. Our Italian merino wool felt is very soft, strong, durable and more forgiving than leather. Wool resists wear, repels moisture, is naturally flame-retardant and can be easily brushed clean.

Leather straps and trim are vegetable-tanned, English bridle leather from Wickett and Craig of America, one of the few remaining U.S. tanneries still working exclusively with this non-toxic method using only American hides. In 2015 they received the Tannery of the Year award and were featured in an article from World Leather, August/September 2015 detailing their operation and business. 

Handwoven straps are made from cotton, hemp and wool using traditional tablet weaving techniques. Each strap is a work of art. Many designs and colorations are unique to Coarse Cloth Ltd. Bespoke straps are colored according to customer needs.

Custom, brushed-nickel D-rings and screw-back hardware are lacquer finished for durability. Zippers are metal, YKK, US-made. The natural materials used by Coarse Cloth Ltd result in a unique, plush and rich appearance.

Fiber jewelry: reminiscent of native weavings, these quietly alluring pieces are beautiful when worn simply or in combination with your other precious metal necklaces.  Each is a work of art.   Available Soon!

Coarse Cloth handbags are renewable and toxin-free for your health and the health of the environment.

Wool industry animal care issues are in the forefront of our awareness. Putting the practice of mulesing into the public's awareness is part of our mission. As a very small,  textile manufacturer our vote has little weight on its own to make the changes we all wish for. We believe that our participation in the industry will give us more leverage as we continue to grow and educate. Let's change the industry for the better together. 

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